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The Finisher™

Product Overview


The Finisher™
"Technology for the electroplater and metal finisher"


The Finisher™ is our newly updated easy-to-use feature packed software program designed specifically for the electroplater and metal finisher.  The Finisher™ was completed in 2004 and replaced our original metal finisher DOS program which had been in use for almost 20 years!    Click here to contact us or read more below to find out how The Finisher™ can help you...

Maximize Sales Growth

We know most electroplaters and metal finishers are busy people who need to focus their attention on sales and production.  With this in mind, we designed The Finisher™ so you can spend less time with administration and paperwork, and more time increasing sales and cash flow. With The Finisher™ you will...

  • Invoice customers quickly, as soon as a job ships

  • Instantly view monthly and annual sales by customer or finish

  • Track finish sales by customer

Part Price History at your Fingertips

We know electroplaters and metal finishers have a tough time keeping track of their pricing and customer history, so we designed The Finisher™ to do the work for you. The Finisher™ will...

  • Keep track of what you charged for a part and finish by customer

  • Sort history by part or customer

  • Keep tabs on the finishes used for a part

No Frills Accounting

We know you would rather leave your bookkeeping to your accountant, but with The Finisher™ this will no longer be a chore.  The Finisher™ will...

  • Provide instant reports that let you know how much your customers owe

  • Effortlessly process payments received so you don’t run short of cash

  • Generate monthly customer statements to improve cash flow

Stay in Touch with your Customers

Nothing will increase an electroplater's and metal finisher's business more than improved customer relations. The Finisher™ will allow you to easily keep in touch with your customers and keep those orders coming in.  Your sales campaigns will be a cinch with these features...

  • Mail-merge letters and e-mails based on sales criteria

  • Create customer lists, mailing labels and more.

Your Security Is Our Concern

We recognized that your business is just that - your business.  The Finisher™ allows you to restrict your business information to only those individuals who you select. The Finisher™ will...

  • Optionally restrict data entry and select functions to authorized employees.

  • Optionally track sales and system interactions by employee, ensuring total accountability.


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