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 Download Wonder Screen shots

"The Cure for Your Download Amnesia"
The following sample screen shots should provide a clear view of the power, yet ease-of-use of Download Wonder.

Download Wonder's Main Screen (Table View)

From Download Wonder's Table View, you can view a permanent record of all the files you've downloaded, where you got them from and where you put them on your computer.  You can even select which columns you wish to include and sort the table by any column.  And to see more information about a specific entry, either scroll the table horizontally, or double-click to view/edit the information as shown in the Edit Download Information screen below.

Download Wonder's Edit Download Information Screen

Modify your download information quickly and easily. Why you can even move your file to another folder from within Download Wonder.


Download Wonder's File Download Screen

As soon as you begin a download from within your browser, this screen immediately pops up to display the progress of the download and allow you to enter information about the file you're downloading -- as much or as little as you like.


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